RC Concept Nitro Engines

  • MC3R
  • MC3R DLC Team edition
  • MC5R
  • MC5R DLC Team edition

 Characteristics of the RC Concept Engines

  • The new carburetor parts allowed the engine burn less fuel mid range, for more power and better runtime.
  • The piston and the sleeve are match in order to offer maximum performance, maximum run time and better longevity.
  • The new Cooling Head and Plug Button has been designed for reliability. Indeed the temp of the combustion chamber will be more constant through your run.
  • New Sleeve design has been improved to provide more and smooth power.
  • The silicon filled crankshaft improves the flow at the admission and is weighted for quicker response.
  • High quality Swiss made CERAMIC bearings to improve the efficiency and the top end.
  • Options of 7 and 8 mm venturies.
  • RC Concept engines components are machined in Italy and are hand built in France.