This is the Highest RC DT750 Digital Super Speed Metal Gear High Voltage Servo. Highest RC Servos have been developed to provide enthusiasts with high quality servo’s that will exceed expectations at every level. With features that meet or surpass what our competition can provide, Highest RC servos deliver performance and unmatched value, with industry leading customer support. 

The Highest RC DT750 High Voltage Super Speed servo delivers lighting fast 0.11 transit speed and 383.6 oz-in of torque at 6.0V, and when you bump the voltage to 7.4 the spec’s increase to 0.08 and 450.4 oz-in! Spec’s like these make this servo an excellent choice for any 1/10 to 1/8 scale vehicle application. Other features include a full metal gear train that is supported by dual ball bearings, a 200mm long 22awg connector wire with gold plated connectors, a coreless motor and an aluminum middle case that helps to dissipate heat and helps to increase efficiency. 

Get Highest RC and don’t look back. 

1 This Highest RC servo requires that you use a m3x10mm screw to attach the servo horn to the output shaft. If you choose to use another screw, be sure to use a 10mm length screw. Use of a shorter screw can cause failure and will void your warranty. 


  • Aluminum Case(middle) + Plastic(upper, short middle, bottom)
  • Full Metal Gear
  • Operating Voltage : 6.0~7.4V
  • Operating Temperature Range : -10 to +60 Degree C  

Operating Speed :

  • (6.0V) : 0.12sec
  • (7.4V) : 0.09sec 

Stall Torque :

  • (6.0V) : 27.6kg-cm / 383.6 oz-in
  • (7.4V) : 32.4kg-cm / 450.4 oz-in 

Dynamic Torque :

  • (6.0V) : 13.8kg-cm / 181.8 oz-in
  • (7.4V) : 16.2kg-cm / 225.2 oz-in 

Motor Type : high efficient coreless motor

  • Size : 39.5*20.0*38.6 mm
  • Weight : 61.6 g